About the Owner

On this page, you will read a few things as to how Juniper started on her practice, and bits and pieces of her life up until today. Through our blog, you will get to know her more as the time goes by. But for now, read on…

Born in Dec 1983, as a Moon Child… You know? Born on a Monday. 

I had a freestyle upbringing; with a lot of awesome music, big adventures, and no bounds of religion. My life was saturated in mythology, folklore & magic, superstitions, and was taught that everything (not just humans) have life and spirit – animals, plants, birds, insects, rocks, oceans, rivers, etc. and that our ancestors and lineage were important.

In early childhood, I would make potions with my siblings, cousins, and friends… using botanicals, rocks, dirt, sand, wood chips, wood splinters, insects, spiders, and even things some people would consider repulsive. We would make potions to shut up our neighbours, or for protection from the bully kid at school, or for luck in dance or sports. Using Rocks tied to String, or Rings tied to hair and used it for ‘Yes or No’ answers, Sticks for Dowsing Water, and using Playing Cards for Intuitive Games (guess the card/suit).

Age 10yrs (almost 11), after announcing to my parents that I wanted to practice Wicca (like my older cousin)… they started to gift me Candles, Oils, Incense, Botanicals, Books, Altar Tools, WitchCraft magazine, The Tarot of the Witches, Psychic Spirit Board, etc. I was the only kid (at age 11) in my personal circle that had permission to have/use matches, lighters, candles, incense, etc. in my room.

Music is important to my practice. For decades I’ve has been utilising music to raise or shift energy, for motivation, emotions, concentration, sleep, etc. It isn’t an abnormal occurrence to see some speakers playing music to the oils or other creations I’m making. At times, I use lyrics for spellwork.

I haven’t as yet participated in any big Witch/Pagan gatherings, camps, or festivals. However, I have attended local Pagan/Witch meetups and made friendships with other witches & pagans along the way. I was a part of a young adult/teen coven in the mid-90s, however, not since Dec ’98. Although, she has been a part of the pagan/witch communities one way or another.

Having a huge love and addiction to all things folk lore, folk magic, witchcraft, paganism, etc. I have a lot of pretty things and books. There’s never enough though. There is always something else I really need (want) to read or bring into my practice. I will say that every single thing in my witch room has been used and will be used again. They’re not just lookin’ pretty on the shelf.

Having said that, I am a huge supporter for witchcraft or owned by a witch micro and small businesses. Especially, those that are within Australia. I proudly share those products and services, and the businesses all over my social media accounts. I will also help other businesses with ideas, suggestions, brainstorming with them and letting them know I am there for them. I’ve got a huge ‘things to buy’ list that is for all those small Witch businesses out there.

I don’t always need to buy something to support people and their businesses and such. Sometimes, I will send money to a GoFundMe cause.


Started on the Wiccan path. Joined a young coven, where we learned together and were mentored by older coven members. Discovered awesome Melbourne Witchcraft store (Esoteric Bookshop) where I’d mail order products from. Started reading any Irish folklore and stories I could find. Worked my first baneful magic in ’97 against my abuser. In around ’98 I left the coven, and moved towards Folk Magic and back to basics, practicing more intuitively, rather than how others do it. I moved into Mother phase (teen mum) in 1999, and again in 2002.

2002 – 2006:
Creator, Moderator, and/or Admin for a number of Pagan/Witchcraft MSN Groups, and phpbb Forums. Some AUS based, and others that were Global. Through those outlets, I corresponded and mentored many pagans and witches. Between 2004-2005 I married, and had 2 more children.

2009 – 2013:
Completed a short Candle Making course, and started making Candles. Completed (via Tafe) a few certificates and a diploma in Business and Website Development. And after 2yrs into a Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice degree (via OUA) – I quit! It just wasn’t soul nourishing enough. While these courses don’t really have much to do with spirituality nor witchcraft, they do help me with running a business and were a part of my life.

approx. 2008 – now:
Participated in Facebook Pagan/Witchcraft groups and pages since 2008-2009. Also participated and hosted FB auctions and showcases with other Pagan/Witchcraft businesses globally and locally. For these auctions and showcases to be sold, or auctioned off for personal profit, or charities.

After a few years of making magical products for other people… I opened up my facebook page which is now my store’s fb page.

2012 – now: 
Home Educated my 3 youngest children for the last 5yrs. For over 5yrs I’ve helped, supported, encouraged, guided the children and teaching them all The Victorian Curriculum ranging in levels 1 – 10, in accordance to each child’s learning styles. I’ve Designed, Planned, Resourced, Scheduled and Execute Curriculum, Social Outings, and Reporting their Studies for all Learning Areas of The Arts (dance, drama, media arts, music, visual arts, design, etc.) English, Health and Physical Education, The Humanities (Civics and Citizenship, Economics and Business, Geography, History, etc.), Languages (Italian), Mathematics, Science, Technologies (Design and Technologies, Digital Technologies), etc. Along with various Witchcraft, Paganism, Folk Lore and Magic. All 4 of my children have been raised around paganism and witchcraft since birth.

Designed The Australian Pagan Magazine’s website (no longer in action). And between 2009-2015 I designed many more websites and marketing materials for other small businesses around Australia.

Was ordained online via ULC.

Re-opened my online store.


If you would like to learn more about Juniper, she will be writing in the blog on this website soon.