About us


Female-owned Australian Business, located in N.E Victoria. Juniper Moon is the owner, operator, and creator.  Juniper is has 25yrs+ experience in her craft & practice which has lead her to creating oils, incense mixes, and altar tools for herself and others. Everything made by Juniper is used by her regularly. 

After creating products and spellwork for family & friends for approx. a decade... In 2010, Juniper started selling online; Candles, Oils, Incense, Ritual tools, Witch Kits, along with Pop Culture Accessories. Juniper was also designing Websites and Marketing materials for businesses/organisations - including Australian Pagan Magazine's website.  


About our Products

We offer candles, incense, oils, ritual & divination tools, offerings, spell/ritual kits, herb of the month boxes, and other handcrafted items. Using Juniper's own ideas, designs, formulas and recipes, methods and ways of her craft. We also have Candles created by Eldertree Apothecary & Nimbin Candles.

Most of our products are 'small batch' supplies, meaning... we only make a small amount of each product to ensure they remain fresh. Due to the limited stock we will go out of stock quite often, although, we restock as soon as we can.

Please don't hesitate on asking when something will be made available again if something you want is out of stock.


What waxes do we use?

The waxes we use for our candles are either Beeswax (wax, or wax sheets)... EcoSoya CB-Advanced Soy Wax, or EcoSoya Q230 Soy Wax. We use essential oils (Australian made, and globally sourced). And at times we use fragrance oils from Eroma partnered with Luxaroma. Designed, created and manufactured in Sydney, Australia and are vegan-friendly.


An important note:

We do not offer any Divination Readings. However, if you contact us, we might be able to send you in the right direction. We may eventually have some recommendations on our recommendation page.



We do our best to ensure we use eco-friendly everything. This means our handcrafted packaging will be glass, recycled paper, glassine paper, handmade paper... or tin, wood, cotton, jute, etc. We want you to be able to reuse, compost, or recycle it ethically. 



When we wrap breakables in orders, we use Ranpak GreenWrap, recycled Kraft paper, tissue paper, newspaper, paper we have added to our 'reuse' pile, and old packaging from wholesale/stock orders (bubble wrap).

If the box needs some filler, we use eco-friendly packing peanuts (BioFill), shredded paper, or we may even use old paper/cardboard.

Mailing Bags we use are from Hero and Hello Packaging!


How we give back

We love supporting other Australian Witch/Pagan Businesses, Artisans, and Artists. Juniper also helps other members of the Pagan/Witch communities with advice, as well as mentoring & guiding people, and sends funds to those in need via their GoFundMe causes, as well as being a paying supporting on some Patreon pages, etc. 


Thank you for stopping by Juniper Moon Apothecary, we appreciate you being here.

Much Love xx



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