I already had an account, why did I need to sign up again?
Unfortunately in April 2019, our Woocommerce website had a plugin that was hacked and broke our website, along with thousands of other woocommerce users who used the particular plugin. Since then, we have migrated over to Shopify and we weren't able to migrate the customers accounts over due to not being able to access the previous website before we deleted it. Please go ahead and make a new account.
Why are your stock levels so low?
This is because we only prepare, make or release a small amount at each time. Handmade products will be at 12 each time we upload new products to the store... and all other items; such as sourced from elsewhere (not made by Juniper Moon) - will be set at a low stock level to ensure Juniper keeps on top of orders and inventory.
Where's my order? I want it now!
As outlined in our Shipping Policy Page, which you can find in the navigation menu under 'Pages'. It will answer this question.
Why can't you speed up my order?
Juniper is a Stay at home WORKING & Homeschooling Mother. While she does spend a great deal of time on her business, customer orders, and so on. There needs to be a balance to life for everyone, including Juniper. To speed up your order - Juniper would have to postpone everyone else's order that is in front of yours. Please have patience. Contant Juniper via email, instagram or facebook if you have any major concerns. She is always up for a nice chat, and will help as much as she possibly can.
Why do you have Brand Reps?
As a very small business owner, is it crucial to have a team behind you to help promote your business, and products. Our Brand Reps speak from personal experiences with our products and services. Brand Reps have a contract that requires giving honest reviews give us the ability to show other potential customers that we are trusted. While having Brand Reps are great for business, they are also wonderful souls whom Juniper forms friendships with overtime while they collaborate together.
Do you Ship overseas?
We did, although no longer do so. This is due to it getting extremely hard to guarantee customs to accept the products (loose incense, magic oils, etc.)! We don't offer refunds for any orders that go missing, or not accepted by customs. So, we much prefer to drop international orders. At least until (if) customs lighten on their strict rules and regulations. We ship Australia Wide only!