Dragon Pendulum

Dragon Pendulum

I am an unquotable fire,The centre of all energy,The stout and fearless heart.I am truth and light,I hold power and glory in my sway.My presence disperses darkest clouds.I have been chosen to tame the Fate.I am wisdom and charisma,I am the mystical enigmaI am the dragon.-- unknown Our Dragon Pendulum...

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I am an unquotable fire,
The centre of all energy,
The stout and fearless heart.
I am truth and light,
I hold power and glory in my sway.
My presence disperses darkest clouds.
I have been chosen to tame the Fate.
I am wisdom and charisma,
I am the mystical enigma
I am the dragon.
-- unknown

Our Dragon Pendulum was created using wire wrapping and beading methods by Juniper Moon. Beads used were: Bloodstone, and Carnelian... And a Black Tourmaline Pendulum weight. Adorned with a Silver Dragon, and at the top there's a pentacle.