Green Novena Beeswax Candles great for: fertility, beginnings, growth, harmony, balance, healing, good health, money, luck, success.--Green Novena Candles… Sometimes known as devotional candles, vigil candles, saint candles, prayer candles,...


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Green Novena Beeswax Candles great for: fertility, beginnings, growth, harmony, balance, healing, good health, money, luck, success.


Green Novena Candles… Sometimes known as devotional candles, vigil candles, saint candles, prayer candles, 7-day candles, ritual candles, amongst others.

These candles are approx. 20cm tall and 6cm wide, made with unscented beeswax hand-poured by Eldertree Apothecary.
Candles may have slight variations candle to candle.

They come plain, no label, and not anointed or dressed. However, you can do this yourself. You could anoint this candle with Magical Oil of your choice. And read below what else you can do.


Green Novena Beeswax Candles are great for: fertility, nature, environmental issues, renewal, beginnings, teaching/learning, growth, rejuvenation, harmony, balance, healing, emotional soothing, good health, youth, goals, money, finances, luck, aids good fortune, gardening & crops, possessions, ambition and success, and abundance. It can be used to counteract greed and jealousy.

Green Candles are great for the Earth element. It contains both male and female energy. Throughout Australia, green is the colour of our $100 note, as well as having tinges of green on some of our other AUD notes, making green candles wonderful for money drawing spells; Business, Career, Achievement, Employment, Pay Raises, etc.


How do I use them?

Before I use novena candles, I will always give it a good wash first. This can be done with vinegar, distilled water, a magical wash, floral waters, or Florida water or other colognes. This is to remove any energies and to cleanse and reset/prepare it for the purpose I’m needing it for.

I’ll then use a label or write on the jar with a washable sharpie (one that will stay put for the time being… but will also wash off so I can reuse the jar later on).

Next, I will dress the candle by anointing it with a few dabs of oil; you can poke holes into the candle for the oil if you like, or even anoint the outside of the candle if you’re not adding labels or writing on the glass, even anointing the rim of the candle is a good option… and a sprinkle of herbs that I want to use. Away from the wick.

Then, I’d write my petition (name, and what I want). Folding the petition paper towards me to draw it in, and away from me for banishing things. Adding the petition under the candle plate. I may even sprinkle some herbs and more oil around the perimeter of the candle on the plate.

While the candle is on the plate, before I light it… I hold it in both hands (not picking it up) and tell it with my own breath of my intentions. I then hold one hand over the top of the candle to hold the intention in for a moment, while I focus on the intentions and speaking to my divinities (deity, ancestors, spirits, etc.).

I, then light the candle. Focusing on the flame for a while. I burn my novena candles for at least the full 7 days. I will snuff the candle out after a couple of hours. The next day (same time I started the candle the first time), I will sit at the candle, clap 3 times to wake it up, and then refocus on the intention when relighting.

Everyone does things differently… you do what is right for you. If you want to burn the candle completely down in one session, you do that.

When the candle has burned down… I will take the petition and dispose it or may keep it in a safe place. Depending on what it’s for. If it’s for banishing, I may bury it away from my home, for releasing I may burn it, for manifesting I may keep it safe in my wallet or in a photo frame with my photo (or anyone else it was for), I have even kept petitions in the pantry years ago when money was very low each week and I needed to make sure we had enough cash for food.

I’ll wash and reuse my candle jar. Unless it breaks.


Warnings & Safety Suggestions!!! 

With novena candles, sometimes the glass will break. To prevent the wax going everywhere all over your floor, table, altar, carpet, etc. you can fill a fireproof bin, big saucepan/pot or cauldron with sand (you can wet the sand for more precautions) and place the candle in the middle. This would also be a good way to burn the candle outside if you preferred not to do it inside the home. Other ways could be to place the candle in a bath, or sink, fireplace. These candles do not have to be placed on your altar.

Things to remember when using candles:
Make sure you use the candle on a heatproof fire safe table or candle dish/plate on a flat surface, or use outside where it is safe to place a candle (away from furnishings, drapes, anything flammable, etc.). Keep away from children and animals. Make sure there are no drafts that will cause any issues with the flame, and always be ready to respond quickly anything catches fire. Trim candle wick to 0.5cm - 1cm each time before using. Do not touch it when it is lit, or when the wax is still hot. Always stay close to the candle while it is lit. Make sure the area you are using the candle is well ventilated.


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