The Great Queen Magical Oil can be used as an offering to The Morrigan. Read below for more info & ways to use it.--The Great Queen Oil can be used as an...


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The Great Queen Magical Oil can be used as an offering to The Morrigan. Read below for more info & ways to use it.


The Great Queen Oil can be used as an offering to The Morrigan, for divination (including necromancy), connecting to ancestors and the Otherworld, and for ritual and spells for everything The Morrigan represents and associated with. Read below for more information & ways to use it. 

The Morrigan, The Great Queen, The Phantom Queen; is the Celtic goddess associated with war, battle, fate/destiny, peace, death, and sovereignty. Among her earliest identities are forms arising as tutelary and territorial Goddesses. 

If sovereignty is the power of flowing between land and people, personified in sovereignty Goddesses, then war is the character of that tower when that unique bond between land and people is threatened. The Morrigan is the face that sovereignty takes on under threat: protective, fierce, martial, uncompromising. Warriorship, is what naturally arises from deep commitment to something of value and the willingness to fight to protect it. Consider when parents are facing a survival threat to their family, most parents will find that they become warriors. It is the capacity for action we find within ourselves when we love and value something more than we care about our own safety. In its essence, warriorship is love in action. 

Worshiping a war Goddess does not mean worshiping violence for its own sake. It means embracing the meaning and value of warriorship, and the positive role that conflict can take. 

Sacrifice was seen as so crucial and indispensable to Celtic religion. Blood itself seems always to have been significant to the rite of sacrifice. Many devotees (including myself), of the Morrigan and related divinities/deities, share an experiential understanding that they do (at times) still want blood offerings from us. 

With this oil, use a drop of your own blood for an extra powerful offering. You can prick your finger, or use Menstrual blood. Although, you don’t have to do this; we have substituted blood with Annatto Seeds, because it represents (to me) Blood and Red Blood Cells. Whenever I don’t want to use blood, I use Annatto Seeds. 

The practice of gazing into water or other liquids has some attestation in early Celtic and Celso-Germanic contexts. Among the Cimbri, Celso-Germanic neighbours to the Gauls, seer-priestesses were described scrying for prophecy by gazing into the blood from sacrifices contained within a large bronze vessel. Drop some of this oil into water as part of divination and gazing into the Otherworld.

Necromancy; the divinatory method connecting/contacting the dead. Any form of divination can be used to communicate with the dead. However, I suggest that if you were to try to communicate with one of your ancestors - you would have a better result if you were to use something they personally used during their life. Such as if they played cards a lot, then use playing cards to connect to them. If they drank wine, coffee or tea - Tasseography would be best. If they loved candles, you can use any form of candle divination such as Carromancy, Pyromancy, or Capromancy. And so on. 

If you want to talk to a certain deity, then use some form of divination used from that culture. And so on. Use this oil for necromancy, by using it on your hands before a card reading or ogham/rune/bone throwing, on the bottom of your cup for cup readings, etc. 

The skulls inside the bottle are to represent the dead & death. Death of certain situations as well to help us move on to better things. It also is a way of engaging with ancestors. 


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Warning: Juniper Moon takes no responsibility if you use any of our magical oils on your body. If you use your hands to anoint something, we recommend you wash your hands or use gloves (just in case you have sensitive skin or a reaction to some of the ingredients - Juniper doesn't, most people who use the oils never do... but you may have a reaction, so, this warning still applies). Do not consume them! Keep away from your mouth, and eyes. Keep away from children and animals. These are magical oils, not essential oils. They are not to be used therapeutically. Do not use them as medicine. Magical oils are not to replace professional help/assistance. They are a layer of magic, not the ONLY magic you should be using for whatever purpose/outcome you are seeking. We do not guarantee outcomes. Use the magical oils wisely!

NOT ALL of our magical oils smell nice... They aren't for smelling pretty. They are for your witchcraft & magical practice.

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