Crown of Success oil


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For success in all areas of your life such as: gaining employment & money, excelling in school & sports, successful business endeavours, beating addictions and bad habits, winning competitions, real estate, love & relationships, etc.

You can use the oil by dabbing on yourself (or clothing/shoes), on items you will be holding on your person (in your pocket, in your wallet, in your bag, etc.), put some on your altar, and rub some on your front door or your car… Rub some on petitions, job application, on your resume, credit/debit cards, rub on some of your personal cash in your wallet, rub on your work/business cash register, or even on your laptop if this is where you work from… use it as a candle anointing oil, or in candle divination. Enhance it by using it with some Psalms that you feel resonate.

Whatever you are needing success in, this oil is perfect!

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