Lillith Statue


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Lillith Statue – Sumerian Goddess, of Feminine Strength and Wisdom

Mention of Lilith has been dated as far back as 2000B.C.E. She was said to be Adam’s first wife, but they separated, as she refused to sleep or serve “under him.” ‘I will not lie below’ Lilith said ‘We are equal to each other, in as much as we were both created from the earth. ( The Alphabet of Ben-Sira) Lilith was a very strong-willed woman. She did not obey the conventions of her time and her actions often caused confrontation to a patriarchal society. She was called a ‘night monster’ and ‘witch’ by some and demonised by those threatened by her, while for the common people; she was called upon for remedies for illness and demons. Lilith is often placed with two Owls, who symbolise wisdom and knowledge of the unknown and two Lions, that may represent power and masculine energy. She stands to rest her long clawed feet above them. In her hands, she holds the symbols of life and justice, often seen in Egyptian statues.


Size: 83mm or 3.5″

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