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Patchouli is a popular herb and is quite earthy. Its scent brings to mind ‘magical places’, and is often used in incense blends, witchcraft, and ritual workings.

It can be used in money/prosperity spells and rituals. Sprinkle it on money, added in wallets, or place around base of green candles. Add to love spells and baths. It can attract people and promote lust. The scent’s known as an aphrodisiac. Place patchouli dried herb leaves in a sachet, and carry it around (in a pocket, or around your neck). Also, is great in fertility talismans and as a substitute for graveyard dust.

Furthermore, it is excellent for: Protection, Banishing, Releasing, Repelling, and Underworld. Anoint your doors or windows with either patchouli (leaves or oil), to keep negative influences at bay.

Price is for approx. 11g of dried herb. in a Glass Jar with Gold Lid, that you can reuse.

Botanical Name: Pogostemon cablin
Organic Status: Conventional
Country of Origin: China
Plant Part: Leaf

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