White Chime Candles (2pk)


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Candles that are coloured white can be used for cleansing, purification, healing, protection, purity, blessings, chastity, truth, rest, clairvoyance, peace, spirituality, prophecy, enlightenment, clarity, and wholeness.

Price is for 2 (two) White Candles.

That are 2-hour tiny tapers, approx 13cm tall with a diameter of 1cm.

Made by Nimbin Candles an Australian Candle manufacturer, specialising in Non-toxic, hand dipped, traditionally made candles. (see below for more info)

The colour white heals emotions, is great for meditation, provide protection, repels negative energies, for consecration or cleansing rituals, for rites-of-passage work, and can relieve tension. Just the same as blue & silver, white is associated with the moon… Burn a White Candle on a Monday (the day of the moon); for potent lunar energy. It is also a colour for the Goddess. Since all colours are derived from pure white light. Use a white candle if the desired colour is not available, or on hand.

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