Witchy Christmas Gift Shopping

Who loves Christmas Shopping?

If you’re anything like me, you really love the art of gift giving. Especially, at Xmas time. The joy in the atmosphere, the family events, the movies and songs, ahhh! I love it! Sometimes spending hours searching for meaningful gifts is what I really enjoy doing around this time of year.

I generally purchase a lot of gifts from other Aussie Small Businesses, they are usually Witchcraft based, or the person who owns the business is has a Witchcraft Practice. And I’d like to share with you some of the businesses and their products that I think would be wonderful as gifts. This list was inspired by Sailor Mouth Soaps’ Halloween Shoppers List Blog, earlier this year.

Some of my faves are below (in no particular order):
I will add on to this list over the next couple of weeks.

Sailor Mouth Soaps

Vegan   No Palm Oil   Cruelty-Free   Recyclable/Biodegradable

Sailor Mouth Soaps are my favourite household soaps. I am addicted, and have possibly lathered up with almost every single CP Soap they have/had on offer since re-launching their website. They are vegan, eco-friendly, registered with NICNAS, and all that goodness. Whenever there’s a chance… I am talking about their soaps, gifting people their soap, and taking the mini samples I receive in my parcel on vacations with me! #AddictedITellsYa

At the moment Sailor Mouth Soaps has a variety of NEW Christmas/Summer inspired Soaps.

One of my favourites (and I have many) would be the Chocolate Gingerbread Botanical CP Soap; A unique twist on a traditional Christmas favourite. Blue Mallow flowers decorate this dark and mysterious holiday soap. With scents such as: Dark chocolate infused gingerbread with base notes of Cedarwood and Sweet Bay essential oils.

Soap make brilliant gifts for people of all ages. And these soaps I highly recommend.

Inkah Collective

Crystals + Spiritual Tools

Inkah Collective has quite a few amazing products. It was a hard decision to choose just one thing for this blog post. I’ve decided to go with their Spell + Card Set. This little trio includes a set of Inkah affirmation cards, a botanical and crystal spell blend and a silver lucky charm. At just $20, it is a wonderful gift for yourself, or another.

The Little Potion Co.

Little Potion Kits for Creative Minds

This one is for the children. The Little Potion Co. have a handful of awesome potion kits that are created with the little ones in mind, to enhance magical experiences, imaginative play, natural discovery and enchantment. Because this is list for Christmas gifts, I am going to share their Christmas Witches Potion Pouch.

– 4 sparkly dry Ingredients in Biodegradable Cellophane bags
– 1 wooden laser cut Christmas decoration designed by The Little Potion Co.
– 1 Potion Card – on one side is Call the Reindeer, a potion/spell to help guide Santa and his reindeer to you. The other side is a gratitude/reflection list where you can document a child’s name, age, the year, one thing they are grateful for this year, something they are proud they achieved, something they are looking forward to next year and a Christmas wish for the year ahead.
– 1 Linen cloth bag to hold your most precious and treasured jewels 

Urban Goddess3

Handcrafted Treasures – Original Art – Inspiration. 

Urban Goddess3 creates Beautiful, Unique OOAK goods with love, gratitude & magical intent. There’s so many that are ideal for gifts. From Embellished Bottles, Necklaces, Bracelets, Bookmarks, Mixed Media Paintings, and so much more.


Ethically sourced Bone, shell and stone and organic metaphysical products

LiminalPlace is the place to shop if you or the person you are gifting are bone witches, or lovers. You can find divination tools, skulls, vertebrae incense holders, horns, smudge sticks, and more. You can use these items in all sorts of magical workings and/or connect to the energy of the animal. LiminalPlace ethically sources all bones. All of our bones are treated with the upmost respect, they are collected, cared for and cleansed appropriately for spiritual use. 

The Country Witch’s Cottage

Each item is thoughtfully curated with the witch practitioner in mind.

The Country’s Witch’s Cottage is a brilliant Witch store that has a great collection of Botanicals, Candles, Curios, Divination, Incense, Kits and more. I’ve selected the 30 Herbs Kit for this recommendation… because I find it to be a brilliant gift for those just starting their witchcraft practice, and also for the once who have been in the craft for a long time and don’t really have a collection of herbs. These herbs are a wonderful way to learn about each botanical in the kit, use in spellcraft, as offerings, etc.

Pictured: 30 Herbs Kit

Herbal Valley Apothecary

100% Organic

This is a website you don’t want to miss out on visiting. Herbal Valley Apothecary has a brilliant variety of products. Some of which are Herbal Tinctures, Lotions, Medicinal Honey, Teas, and more. There’s something here for everyone. They also have some amazing Gift Packs… like this Love Potion Pack pictured below.

The pack consists of a Love Potion Massage Oil, 100% Beeswax Candle, and Bath Bombs… all scented with deliciously sensual notes of Sandalwood, Vanilla, Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage, & Rose. Ohh! It makes me want to sing the song ‘Sexual Healing’ – Ben Harper acoustic style.

Pictured: Love Potion Pk

Bubbles & Brews

Melts, soaps, candles, sprays and a bunch more…

Bubbles and Brews make products that can help you improve your life. Beautiful soaps that you can use to draw money into your life or a manifesting one that can allow you to manifest things into your life. I really love the idea of these soap bundles. In the Luck, Abundance, Prosperity Bundle… you get the Road Opener, Luck To Me and Life of Luxury Soaps all in one bundle for just $13.

Yiska Designs

Electroformed Jewellery & Magical Wares

Yiska Designs owner and creator Jessica Kaso creates unique small batch and one of a kind jewellery inspired by nature, bohemia, whimsy and folklore. Her designs are created using real, ethically sourced, natural raw materials preserved in a layer of electroformed copper to create stunningly unique statement jewellery. 

This store is a definite ‘must’ to take a look through. I fell in love with so many of Yiska Designs’ goodies, and will be making a purchase very soon. One of my faves would be the Raw Citrine Chip Earrings. These raw citrine crystal earrings are set in electroformed copper and hang on hypoallergenic niobium ear wires.

Witchy Ways Herbs, Jars and Candles

via Witchy Ways Facebook Shop, you will find Spell Jars, Witch Balls, Witches Ladders, Room Sprays, Resins, Candles & Candle Holders, Keychains, and more. Today, I am highlighting the gorgeous Self-Love Spell Jars because they are GORGEOUS!

The Cat and Broom

Offering the best quality handmade items and supplies to empower your spiritual journey.

Another witchy store with a variety of products and services would be The Cat and Broom. They have on offer: Crystals, Herbs & Resins, Divination & Tarot Readings, a number of good Books, Soy Candles, and plenty more for you to take a looksie through.  

For this blog, I’d like to highlight their Chakra Crystal Kit, which is made up from 7 crystals, one each aimed at healing and removing blockages in the chakras. Great for mediation and self healing. In the kit there’s: Purple Fluorite, Sodalite, Amazonite, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Carnelian, and Mahogany Jasper. All housed in a purple organza bag. 

Ancient Visions

Bringing Magick to You.

Nikki from Ancient Visions has been a practicing eclectic green witch with 30 years experience. She collects rainwater for her soap making, and will craft into crystal elixirs; moon and storm waters, infusions and decoctions. Most of the herbs available on the Ancient Visions website are harvest herbs from Nikki’s own garden, and harvested according to moon phases for particular intentions and wild harvest wherever possible. 

I’ve personally purchased from Ancient Visions a few times now, and absolutely love the products. The White Sage Energy Clearing, and Himalayan Salt Protection Bar Soaps are amazing and are the only soaps that I use when I’m in need of a good body/bath ritual cleanse. Their Nasal Inhalers are a staple in my purse for over a year now. There’s more items that I’ve purchases, used, loved and repurchased again. And I highly recommend.

One of the products I would like to share with you today is the Spiced Honey 2 in 1 Facial Mask & Scrub. I have a combination dry/oily face, and this facial mask/scrub is my favourite thing to use on my face. It is a bit messy, and that is the fun of it all… it smells freaking fantastic with all the Spices and Raw Honey scents happening all up in your face… it’s so darn good – you have to stop yourself from trying to eat it. And it does leave my skin feeling incredibly smooth and not as dry or oily for a couple of days after using it, which is a total bonus on its own. The Mask/Scrub comes in 2 sizes; 55g and 110g.

Lylliths’ Emporium

A small family owned and operated business based in South-East Queensland.

Lylliths’ Emporium have been supplying Spiritual, Witchcraft, Wiccan and Pagan products and services since 2006. They have some stunning homewares and gifts along with plenty of handcrafted products including the option of having something custom-made. Their Our product range includes items of Gothic, Gypsy / Bohemian, Pagan, Medieval, Viking, Tibetian, Voodoo and many other traditions and inspirations.

Again, this is another store I have personally had amazing experience with products & services. A couple of my faves would most definitely be their Vibrations ~ Sacred Space Clearing Mist, and the Black Walnut Ink (completely made by themselves).

Here I have an amazing Sea Witch Gift Set…
which includes: Shells, a hand poured Soy Candle, Salt Blend, and Water Element Incense Blend. 

Crowfoot Conjure

Tarot Readings and Spiritual Supplies.

Crowfoot Conjure has some deliciously magical products & services on offer… including: Salves, Oils, Candles, Powders… just looking through the etsy store or their Facebook page, and you just want to work with their magical items. There’s some Tarot/Oracle Readings available too. 

I read that their Regeneration Salve is made with Comfrey oil that was infusing for 2 months. It’s great for cuts, stings, burns and for moisturising dryness. This versatile salve is made using healing comfrey infused oil along with antiseptic and soothing essential oils of lavender, lemon, tea tree and vitamin e oil which also acts as a natural preservative.

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